High density platelet-rich plasma


The use of platelet-rich plasma in orthopedics and sports medicine is very broad. In diseases such as:
– Golfer’s or tennis player elbow
– Runner’s or jumper’s knee
– Achilles tendonitis
– Calcaneal spur
– Articular cartilage damage
– Rotator cuff tendinitis
– Inflammation of tendons, muscles and bursa.

Blood platelets are a naturally occurring blood component, and together with released cell growth factors, they play an important role in the healing and regeneration process. They stimulate the migration of cells to the damaged area, their multiplication, differentiation and proliferation of blood vessels in additional. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a low-volume concentrate which contains a several times bigger amount of platelets than the base amount in the patient. The properties of PRP are therefore used in the treatment of orthopedic injuries as a biological, effective and safe therapy which is minimally invasive. During therapy, we use the patient’s autologous material due to which we avoid the risk of transmission of viral diseases or allergic reactions.

The procedure of applying platelet rich plasma is an ambulatory treatment (without a hospital stay) under local anesthesia. The procedure essentially consists of three steps. In the first stage, blood is drawn into a special container. Next, the collected blood is processed in a specialized separator (a machine for separating platelets from other blood components) of stem cells from other blood components. In our Hospital, we perform treatments using the most modern computerized cellular separators – Angel System. The separation process is completely closed, sterile and safe. In the last stage of the procedure after separating the platelets, they are injected into the injured, damaged or painful place. Often, the procedure is performed under ultrasound scan.

The use of the Angel Separator computer system provides very high efficiency. With the use of the Angel System separator, we get a product of the highest density (High Density Platelet-Rich Concentrate – HD PRP)

In the case of less severe ailments, the procedure can be performed with the use of ACP or Prolo30. The method differs by the way in which the platelets are concentrated. With the use of ACP or Prolo30 systems, we get Platelet-Rich Plasma.

The rehabilitation of the patient begins the day after surgery. The rehabilitation program is adjusted according to the type of illness.

1 hour

Duration of the treatment

without hospitalization

Stay in clinic



1 month

Recommended stay under the supervision of a doctor