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The Orthos hospital and clinic is a modern medical facility located in Komorowice near Wrocław.


We guarantee our patients the highest standard of treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation. High-class specialists work in hospital wards and specialist clinics. Our hospital has a modern operating block, comfortable patient rooms and a well-equipped rehabilitation department. We perform treatments in the field of: orthopedics and traumatology, plastic surgery, general and oncological surgery, gynecology, laryngology and neurosurgery.


We provide advice in the field of trauma and orthopedic surgery, pain management, neurosurgery, geriatrics, general and oncological surgery, sports medicine, outpatient physiotherapy, preluxation, plastic surgery and otolaryngology.


At the hospital, we operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and the European standard EN 15 224, which confirm the highest quality of our medical services.



Each year we take care of the health of several thousand patients. Your trust in us is a great honour, but at the same time a great responsibility. We strive to help you in a comprehensive manner – from diagnosis through treatment (including hospital treatment) and postoperative care and rehabilitation. Our main areas of operation are:



As part of orthopaedic treatment, we provide diagnosis and surgical treatment, including hip and knee joint replacement procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopies, ligament reconstructions or meniscus repairs. The department of orthopaedic hand surgery is also thriving, with reconstructive and reparative procedures, treatment of complicated tendon and nerve injuries, or surgery for trigger fingers or carpal tunnel syndrome. Our specialists, headed by Wiktor Urbański, MD PhD, also perform complex procedures for the treatment of scoliosis and other spinal disorders in both children and adults.


A number of complex procedures are carried out by the team led by professor Jerzy Gosek and doctor Jacek Martynkiewicz as part of the Centre for Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction. These internationally renowned and respected specialists perform, among other things, reconstructive procedures in total and partial brachial plexus injury, repair surgery of peripheral nerve injury or excisions of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve tumours.


Under the supervision of doctor Piotr Sankowski, hip and knee joint replacement procedures are carried out – including those using minimally invasive methods. Doctor Sankowski’s team also performs realloplasty procedures, i.e. repeat operations to replace part of or the entire implanted endoprosthesis with a new one.


Numerous procedures also involve treating disorders of the foot and ankle joint. We treat fractures, perform fixations and stitch Achilles tendons. The Centre for Biological Joint Reconstruction performs treatments with the Hyalofast or Chondro-Gide matrices, with the administration of stem cells, including Wharton’s jelly stem cells, bone grafts and the use of tissue adhesives. These are modern orthopaedic treatment methods, also known as biological reconstructions. Their aim is to delay the need for artificial implants for as long as possible and to inhibit the development of degenerative processes.


Our hospital’s services are often used by members of amateur and professional sports teams, who trust our specialists and for whom our hospital acts as a Medical Partner supporting them in injuries and traumas.



In our Outpatient Clinic and General Surgery and Surgical Oncology Ward, in which we diagnose such diseases as thyroid, stomach and pancreas diseases and neoplastic lesions, we use the most innovative equipment and surgical treatment techniques, including laparoscopic methods. The most frequently performed procedures include surgery for inguinal, abdominal, femoral and umbilical hernias, as well as total or partial excision of the thyroid gland.



In the Outpatient Clinic and Neurosurgery Ward, we diagnose and treat disorders of the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. The most frequent neurosurgical procedures performed in our hospital include microdiscectomies and discectomies, i.e. the removal of herniated intervertebral discs, bone osteophytes or hypertrophied ligaments. Any degeneration of the spine causes serious pain, which is due to the dysfunction of the compressed elements of the nervous system. Treatments involve removing the lesions and thus preventing permanent damage to the spine. We also frequently perform cryoablation procedures, i.e. treatment of chronic pain in degenerative spine disease.



It is said that plastic surgery not only includes procedures to improve the appearance of the body and remove imperfections, but also to heal our deeply-rooted complexes, thus helping us to come out of the shadows, improve our well-being and find a balance between how we would like to look and how our body looks in reality.


Many plastic surgery procedures also have a medical rationale, e.g. breast reduction – too large breasts cause problems with the spine and correct posture. Abdominal plastic surgery is often combined with procedures to treat hernias. Rhinoplasty is often associated with the deviated nasal septum repair, while blepharoplasty allows removing the excess skin from the eyelids, thereby regaining the full field of vision that was previously restricted by droopy eyelids.


Our specialists perform such procedures as otoplasty, rhinoplasty, face, neck and shoulder lifting, breast augmentation and lifting, breast reduction, liposuction and abdominoplasty, and also treat gynaecomastia.



Maxillofacial surgery is a combination of plastic surgery and dentistry. Removal of malocclusion, post-traumatic face injury and deformation, treatment of cysts and inflammation in the maxillary sinus region – these are only few areas of interest of the maxillofacial surgeons who carry out procedures in our hospital.



Our otorhinolaryngology specialists diagnose and treat ENT conditions in children and adults. This is where you can receive help for disorders of the ears, nose, throat and larynx. Chronic and acute ear infections and sinusitis, cholesteatoma, nasal septum deformities, tonsillitis and adenoid hypertrophy, hearing loss and deafness, neck cysts, salivary gland and neck tumours, snoring and vocal cord lesions are just some of the conditions our specialists can provide solutions for.



As part of our collaboration with our partner clinic “Na Grobli” in Wrocław, we carry out treatments in the field of gynaecology as well as plastic and cosmetic gynaecology. Our specialists often employ laparoscopic methods, which allow for faster recovery and swift return to fitness after surgery, and does not leave unattractive scars. Among other things, we treat mild and advanced forms of endometriosis, remove ovarian tumours (cysts) and uterine fibroids, perform laparoscopic suspension of prolapsed uterus, as well as vaginoplasty, perineoplasty and labioplasty. Our specialists also treat stress urinary incontinence with the insertion of TOT or TVT slings. Consultations with our experts take place at the “Na Grobli” clinic in Wrocław, while treatment procedures are carried out in our hospital.

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