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The patient’s stay in the hospital depends on the extent of the surgery, the expected procedure of the ward recovery time, and, above all, individually agreed with the attending physician, who carries out continuous supervision of the patient during his stay in the hospital.



In justified cases, the duration of hospitalization may be extended. Then the patient is kept informed of all the additional costs involved by the hospitalization coordinator.



Information sheets, prescriptions, sick leave and referrals are issued to the patient on the day of discharge from the hospital. The information sheet includes information about the course of treatment, as well as recommendations and expected dates for consultations the patient should attend.



Issuance of archival medical records is carried out at the patient’s request, and all information in this regard can be obtained from the Medical Billing and Records Department

tel. + 48 71 73 587 27 |



Patient discharges take place between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. We ask patients to provide return transportation during these hours. We also provide assistance in ordering a cab – just make such a request in advance.



Information about the patient’s condition is provided directly to the patient and to the persons notified by the patient in the relevant authorization. Parents or legal guardians are informed of the child’s condition. We do not provide information about the patient’s condition by phone or email.