Certificates and quality policy


Our organization’s mission:

“We treat modernly, safely and compassionately”

Our strategic goals:

  • Create a health care unit with the highest level of service, adapted to the needs of society and keeping up with the development of medical science;
  • Constant patient acquisition;
  • Constant acquisition of cooperation partners;
  • Systematic introduction of new medical technologies resulting from advances in medical science and patient demand

We implement our quality policy by:

  • Creating a Patient-Friendly Hospital;
  • Meeting the health needs of patients with the resources at hand;
  • Taking care to ensure that patients feel safe in the diagnostic and treatment process;
  • Analyzing the needs and expectations of patients and meet them in accordance with medical knowledge;
  • Monitoring patient and employee satisfaction;
  • Monitoring demand for specific medical services;
  • Adapting the Hospital’s infrastructure to external regulations;
  • Improving work organization to ensure that services are provided at an optimal level;
  • Continuously improving employees’ qualifications and skills;
  • Ensuring optimal working conditions for employees;
  • Collaborating with the Hospital’s stakeholders.

In pursuit of the above-mentioned goals, ORTHOS Sp. z o.o. performs tasks aimed at preserving, saving, restoring and improving health.


For the effective realization of the overall objectives of the Hospital’s operation, we are implementing and will continuously improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-EN ISO 15224:2017.


I make all Employees jointly responsible for the implementation of the Quality Policy in the scope of their jobs, as well as oblige them to actively engage in the work of implementing, maintaining and improving the Quality Management System.