What should you take to the hospital?

Przyjęcie do szpitala

On the day of admission to the hospital, the patient should report to the office of the hospitalization coordinators at the appointed time. After checking all the paperwork, the coordinator transfers the patient to the hospital ward. Minors are accompanied in their hospital stay by a legal guardian or parent.



You should take to the hospital:


  • ID card,
  • a valid referral to the hospital (if services are provided under public financing),
  • medical treatment records: information sheet, current lab results, ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT scan records, etc…,
  • ingested medications in their original packaging,
  • original confirmation of blood group determination – if the patient has one.




  • comfortable clothes – pajamas, preferably unbuttoned, slippers, socks, bathrobe,
  • shower flip-flops,
  • toiletries (soap, towels, utensils for brushing teeth, comb),
  • knee socks or stockings for thrombosis prophylaxis (can be purchased on site),
  • Patients undergoing abdominal hernia surgery Velcro abdominal belt (also available to be purchased locally),
  • glasses – if used,
  • phone charger,
  • for orthopedic procedures of the lower extremities – elbow crutches,
  • sportswear for rehabilitation (if planned).
  • It is not recommended to bring valuables such as jewelry to the hospital.