Bunion correction surgery


Bunion correction surgery is one of the most common corrective procedures in the area of the foot.

Hallux valgus deformity is a common distortion of the foot in adults. Particular components of the deformation have an impact on the whole image of the foot, and the patient reports to the doctor mainly due to pain.


A vagus position of the big toe is characteristic in the metatarsophalangeal joint as well as its rotation. It is often accompanied by a dislocation of the foot, and the protruding medial part of the foot, in the region corresponding to the head of the first metatarsal bone is red and very painful. Under the skin, there is a thick capsule and a bursa filled with liquid. Hallux valgus distortion is often accompanied by hammer distortion of the remaining fingers. Operative treatment is indicated when conservative methods have failed.

There are many techniques to perform the procedure itself. The technique of the procedure will be adjusted to the specific deformation.


Much simplified, corrective procedures can be divided into soft tissue procedures and osteotomies (when the bone is cut). Procedures performed on soft tissues are performed in less advanced cases. All major distortions will require the implementation of osteotomy (surgical cutting of the bone in order to correct distortion). The place on which osteotomy is performed is stabilized in a new position with the help of metal fasteners. A one-time correction of hammer distortion of other fingers is performed. In our hospital we use the newest metal fasteners, which do not require immobilization in a cast during the postoperative period. The patient is lifted to an upright position the day after surgery.


The rehabilitation of the patient begins the day after surgery. Rehabilitation includes individual exercises with a rehabilitator and his help with going to an upright position in special footwear for relieving the forefoot.

1,5 hours

Duration of the treatment

2 days

Stay in clinic



2 months

Recommended stay under the supervision of a doctor