Over time, the appearance of the face changes and the effects of gravity, solar radiation, and daily stress become visible. The effect of these factors can be observed particularly on the face and neck. It manifests itself in the form of her sagging and falling. Wrinkles occur.

Between the nose and mouth there are sometimes deep wrinkles, so called nasolabial fold. This means that the skin tension in the lower jaw and neck area weakens and deteriorate. Folds with clearly loose skin appear on the neck in the chin area.


This can be removed through an easy and simple method, so-called facelift and/or necklift.


Through removing the excess amount of loose skin, and possibly an excessive amount of fat and strengthening the subcutaneous fascia muscle facial muscles, we will achieve the effect of a stretched face and neck skin. This will eventually lead to the removal of wrinkles and the above-mentioned traces of face aging.



The cut is usually led in the lower part of the temple covered with hair, where the natural line of the frontal edge of the auricle runs and further behind the ear, moderately upward towards the auricle. If the operation requires interference in the area of the chin, a small cut can also be led under the chin.

The skin on the temples of the face and neck, with the help of gentle preparation, is freed from the lower structures and after thorough measurement, its excess is removed. In the case of a thick layer of fat, especially in the area of the chin, the procedure may be combined with delicate liposuction of this part of the body. In the same way as the skin, in order to obtain a long-lasting effect, it is also necessary to tense the subcutaneous of the facial muscular fascia, the so-called SMAS lift.

A drain can be led on both sides of the skin, which primarily drains liquids, which could otherwise gather under the skin, which would ultimately complicate the healing process.


2- 3 hours

Duration of the treatment

1 day

Stay in clinic



15 days

Recommended stay under the supervision of a doctor