Breast augumentation


The breast elargment procedure, also called breas augumentation or mammoplasty is based on a surgical placement of implants under each breast to increase its size and improve its shape.

Types of implants: round, anatomical, asymmetrical.

Types of implants due to profile: moderate, high.

The size of the implants is given in milimeters. The choice of the implant does not depends from its size, but from its dimension. With the choice of the size of the implant, what is taken into account is the anatomical structure of the body, i.e. height, width chest, posture proporitions, size of the pelvis, size of the breast glands and of course the patient’s expectations.


There are two methods of placing implants: under the muscle, under the breast gland. The choice of the methods depends from the quality and size of the breast gland, quality of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and muscle strength and quality. Coverage of the implant must be sufficient. If the implant is not sufficiently hidden, it is visible which does not look aesthetically. Before the procedure, a consultation with a surgeon is necessary so the patient harmonizes her ideas with real possibilities, body proportions and the opinion of the operating doctor.

The method of insertion and placement of an implant will depend on the anatomy of the patient and the recommendations of the surgeon. The implant is placed through a 3-4 cm cuttransferred either in the fold where the breast connects to the chest through the dark skin around the nipple or under the armpit. Each cut is transferred very precisely, so the final scar as least visible as possible. With the help of appropriate tissue preparation, a pocket to which the implant is inserted is created.

2-3 hours

Duration of the treatment

1 day

Stay in clinic



10 days

Recommended stay under the supervision of a doctor