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We offer Rehabilitation Sessions after:

  • Knee or Hip arthroplasty
  • After suffered traumas
  • Others according to the individual needs of the patient

100% effectiveness in treatment and rehabilitation, Fast return to full fitness, Forget about pain and mobility problems

Exemplary day program:

morning start – proper walking instruction
dividual exercises – rehabilitation classes
physical therapy according to an individual schedule
group exercises – gym classes
physical therapy according to an individual schedule

Minimum 30 treatments per week.

Prices of sessions for patients operated at the Orthos Multi-Specialist Hospital:
1 week (7 days) – a dormitory room* – PLN 3 300
Every next week in a dormitory room* – PLN 2 800

* 2-person or 3-peron room

Prices of stays for patients not operated at the Orthos Multi-Specialist Hospital:
1 week (7 days) – a dormitory* room – PLN 3 700
Every next week in a dormitory* room – PLN 3 300

*2-person or 3-person room
There is possibility to extend your stay by 7 days.

Service range:

  • Accommodation in a room
  • for 3 persons with a private bathroom, TV
  • *possibility of accommodation in a single room for an additional fee
  • Catering
  • Medical consultations
  • Nursing and medical care
  • Consultations with a physiotherapist and help in selecting appropriate rehabilitation and support equipment
  • Improving exercises, motor training and physical exercises
  • Work on improving efficiency and significantly increasing the chances of returning to the life before the injury
  • Rehabilitation of the movement organs 7 or 14 days of exercise (Monday to Saturday)
  • Establishing a detailed rehabilitation plan by the medical team
  • Classes in the scope of manual therapy
  • Comprehensive patient care from the first day after injury or surgery

In the early postoperative period, a patient with a hip endoprosthesis benefits from:

  • individual exercises with a physiotherapist
  • lessons of ergonomic walking
  • physiotherapeutic treatments

Through an intensive rehabilitation and joint efforts, we quickly restore the motor skills of our patients.

Proper convalescence after surgery, an accident or other injury is crucial in recovering full fitness and improving the quality of life.

Rehabilitation in our hospital is certainty of exemplary communication on the line orthopedist-physiotherapist-patient. This allows to make the rehabilitation process maximally effective and efficient. We are waiting for people focused on intensive rehabilitation and relax in a quiet location.

Free parking on the hospital grounds

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