Regenerative orthopedic procedures

Combining modern medicine with the professionalism of our doctors, the Orthos hospital offers innovative biotechnology solutions in the field of orthopedics, using very effective, minimally invasive methods of treatment, based on the biological material of the patient.

As the only one in Lower Silesia we offer regenerative orthopedic procedures to patients using:

stem cells and platelet-rich plasma,

collected and processed according to the highest clinical standards, with the help of specialized systems and separators of the latest generation, fully automated and computerized.

Thanks to the unique method that combines the adipose tissue-derived stem cells with the platelet-rich plasma concentrate, patients receive

the best, effective and safe biological therapy with long-lasting treatment effects.

  • Don’t wait until the development of the disease will limit your comfort of life
  • Use the healing power of your own biological potential
  • Your stem cells for your health!