Eyelid correction


Over time, the skin of the eyelids will flatten and its excess will appear. This leads to falling eyelids and the drooping skin often limits vision. This is not only an aesthetic problem but also health-related as well.

Eyelid correction, also called blepharoplasty makes it possible to get rid of this problem.

Eyelid correction solves the most often occurring problem of eyelid drooping, fatty hernia or a combination of these two disadvantages.

During the procedure, the excess of the skin and the so-called fat „bags” under the eyes are removed.
Thanks to this operation, it will mainly improve changes responsible for an old and tired appearance of the face.

Upper eyelid correction – during this procedure, the cut is led so that the scar is hidden in the natural skin furrows of the eyelid.

Lower eyelid correction – the cut is led 2 mm under the lashes so that the scar is not visible and covered by the lashes.

1-2 hoursDuration of the treatment

without hospitalizationStay in the clinic

local or analgosedationAnesthesia

10 daysRecommended stay under the supervision of a doctor

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