Decision about temporarily limit the medical activity of the hospital

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to the epidemiologic situation, out of concern for your health and safety, we have decided to temporarily limit the medical activity of the hospital for the next two weeks, i.e. from March 16th until March 29th. In practice, this means suspending all of the scheduled procedures and operations and suspending the operation of the stationary specialist clinic at our hospital.

This decision is a result of the fact that we want to help in stopping the coronavirus epidemic as soon as possible and protect you from unnecessary exposure to the loss of your immunity. This is possible only if we all maintain the highest hygiene standards and avoid contact with people who are infected, or who suspect they may have been infected by the virus. Visits to the stationary specialist clinic are one of the situations in which such contact cannot be excluded. This is why so far we have called for cancelling visits by people with a cold, who are ill or who are travelling with passengers infected with the coronavirus, we have taken care of collecting an extended epidemiological interview from each of the Patients who enter our hospital, we have banned visits to the hospital wards and today, we are strongly asking and appealing – let’s stay at home. Regardless if you are feeling well or if you have a cold. This does not exclude monitoring our health, what is more, it increases our vigilance and caution!

We want you to always be able to count on us and feel safe and comfortable at our hospital, and that is why we ensure that you will remain under our care and you can contact us by phone – tel. +48 71 73 58 700 between 08:00 AM and 03:00 PM, or via e-mail: To get information on e-prescriptions or e-sick leaves, you can call + 48 661 600 805. We will provide all the answers to the questions and all information on a regular basis. With the assistance of our dedicated Patient Carers, your doctors will be able to assist, support and will remotely monitor all of the inquiries.

We will give you information regarding the cancellation of the decision to suspend the medical activity of the hospital and clinic immediately.

Thank you for your understanding and we assure you that you can count on us. Nothing has changed in our hospital’s mission, which is as follows: “we treat in a modern, safe and heartful way”. We fulfill each of its elements by making this difficult but extremely necessary decision which could save each of our lives.


Yours sincerely,Krzysztof Kotela – Chairman of the Board

Piotr Fudalej, MD – Medical Director